How to choose the most suitable porcelain stoneware

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Porcelain stoneware’s decorative and technical potentials are virtually infinite. There is a most suitable type of tile for every location and every need; let’s find out together which!

Yes, porcelain stoneware can cover every kind of space (indoor and outdoor) and surface and even some items of furniture, thanks to slimline thickness slabs. In this post, we will discover that some types of stoneware are more suitable than others for meeting specific needs.


1. Choosing the most suitable porcelain stoneware for the floors of your home

Porcelain stoneware floor tiles can be installed in any room of the home, providing uniformity across interiors from the entrance hall to the kitchen and from the bathrooms to the bedrooms, by way of the corridors and the living room. There are many suitable surface effects and the choice is purely an aesthetic one: from the very popular wood effect porcelain stoneware to marble or stone looks, and from resin to concrete effect stoneware. Indoor floor tiles may also have a smooth surface, and so there is the widest possible choice of surface textures. Contemporary trends focus on the highest possible degree of uniformity and on medium and large sizes, especially installed with very narrow, almost invisible joints.

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2. Choosing the most suitable porcelain stoneware for outdoors

Outdoor areas can be paved with porcelain stoneware, provided the tiles selected have more anti-slip grip (meaning a rougher, more grainy surface) and are resistant to foot traffic and the weather. Here again, the material effects range from stone to concrete and from terracotta to resins, through to the wood effect. The tiles should have different thickness depending on the type of installation (conventional, without glue or raised): slabs installed without glue must be 20 mm thick.

Porcelain stoneware is able to pave terraces and gardens, the front paths of homes and swimming-pool areas, and even to line pools themselves. Thanks to its strength, it is suitable for any type of use, as a safe, anti-slip, trendy covering.

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3. Choosing the most suitable porcelain stoneware for bathroom and kitchen walls

Since walls are less exposed to impacts and do not have to deal with weights and foot traffic, they can be covered both with conventional ceramics (single-fired or double-fired) and with porcelain stoneware. Stoneware offers an infinite array of stylistic opportunities, as well as the option of covering the floor and the wall which runs into it with the same tiles: this enables the creation of unique projects and unusual design schemes, with very striking ceramic carpets.

Vertical surfaces can also be covered with three-dimensional decors, which generate interplays of light and forms that give personality to rooms’ style.

Bathrooms and kitchens are also places where it is very important to ensure hygiene: the Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology provides tiles with guaranteed safe surfaces, resistant to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

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4. Choosing the most suitable porcelain stoneware for technical locations

In some situations, it is essential to use porcelain stoneware tiles with high technical performances: we are talking about commercial and industrial locations (indoors or outdoors) subject to high levels of foot traffic or required to withstand heavy weights, or ventilated walls, for example. In these cases, coverings must be particularly resistant, through-body and extra thick, to guarantee unbeatable safety and durability over time.

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5. Choosing the most suitable porcelain stoneware for seamless coverings

With porcelain stoneware, people who love minimalism or are seeking the utmost formal simplicity can tile both indoor and outdoor areas with the same material effect: in fact, various collections offer the same decors, effects and shades on slabs with different surface grip and thickness, for uniform coverings indoors and outdoors. This means rooms and areas form a seamless visual whole, expanding their perceived size and achieving an aesthetically immaculate, minimalist result.

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6. Covering tables and furniture with porcelain stoneware

Yes, stoneware is not just a material for tiling floors and walls; it can also become a decorative and furnishing feature if used as a cladding for benches, tables, countertops, furniture and backsplashes. Slimline thickness maxi slabs enable the highest degree of architectural creativity and provide all the convenience of porcelain stoneware on surfaces in daily use.

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