Selection guide: the best-selling wood-effect stonewares

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Browse the most popular wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles and find your favourite!

Nowadays, covering a floor with wood-effect stoneware is a very widespread and popular design solution. It enables the installation of floors that are both easy to care for and aesthetically in line with the latest interior design trends, offering the warmth of wood on a material of unrivalled convenience and strength. So it is easy to understand why it is used so frequently, also because in most cases client and interior designer are able to agree on it without difficulty.

However, there are several types of wood-effect porcelain stoneware, inspired by different woods and with a variety of surface looks. Today we will browse the best-selling Marazzi collections for an overview that will supply inspirational inputs for anyone about to choose a wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor.


The best-selling wood-effect stonewares

There is a wood-effect stoneware for every style: the surface looks available on porcelain stoneware today offer tiles that fit attractively into various types of interiors, from the most traditional to the most minimalist. Here are the most popular!

Rustic wood-effect stoneware

Anyone who loves warm atmospheres and interiors with a traditional mood can opt for products inspired by the most rustic types of wood, featuring accentuated knots and vein patterns and enhanced by sizes similar to those of traditional planks.

Vero is a perfect collection that fits these needs exactly: inspired by oak wood, it is available in four shade variants and 5 sizes, including the very large plank of 22.5x180 cm, ideal for conveying the precise impression of large wooden boards, and is also intended for projects with seamless coverings running from indoors to outdoors (thanks to combination with Vero20). Similar but with its own very individual approach to wood looks, Treverkstage is also very popular with fans of rustic timbers.

Guide to choosing wood-effect stoneware

Dark wood-effect stoneware

From dark brown to anthracite, dark wood-effect stonewares clad and decorate spaces with an industrial flavour and with sharp contrasts. Irrespective of their veining and tactile effect, they issue a strong style statement. Anyone who likes forceful colours will succumb to the beauty of products such as Treverkhome (in Quercia finish), Treverkchic (Noce Americano version), Treverkever (in Musk finish) or Treverk (in Black or Wengé versions)


Herringbone wood-effect stoneware

A herringbone installation pattern immediately evokes interiors with a refined, exclusive style. Several wood-effect stoneware collections include small plank tiles with diagonal ends, intended for installation in a Chevron pattern (in which the tips of single tiles meet). Alternatively, rectangular and long sizes can be laid in a plain herringbone pattern (interlocking at 90°). In both cases, the resulting look is always unique and gives interiors a distinctive, luxurious character.

Amongst the many Marazzi products available, the best-selling wood-effect stonewares include collections such as Treverksoul and Treverkmust, both of which include diagonal-ended small plank tiles (in two different lengths).

Contemporary wood-effect stoneware

For a less rustic, more stylistically versatile look, you may prefer a wood-effect stoneware with more subtle veins and less visible knots, with less accentuated three-dimensional surface effects and more subtle colours. One collection that successfully balances appearance, minimalism and technology is Oltre: the natural appeal of the finest oak is offered in four delicate shades and four sizes that enable any type of installation, from traditional to herringbone. What’s more, this collection features all the latest Marazzi technologies: tough and suitable for indoor and outdoor use (High Performance), it offers an extra matt surface (Zero Glossy) that is anti-slip but soft and easy to clean (StepWise), a natural, hyper-realistic material effect (Sublime Sync) and the patented Puro Marazzi Antibacterial treatment, which guarantees that tiles are germ and bacteria-proof.

Pale wood-effect porcelain stoneware for interiors with a Scandinavian mood

The Nordic style is one of the most popular due to its cosy moods and the beauty of Scandinavian interiors. A wood-effect stoneware floor in a pale, luminous shade is the ideal choice for reproducing this style in our own homes. With more or less noticeable veining, it is the delicate, subtly varied colour that creates the right mood.

Inspirations? Treverkcharme (very beautiful in White) or Treverktrend (Larice or Larice Avorio) are extremely popular for projects of this kind.

Wood-effect stoneware for outdoors (extra-thick 20 mm)

Warm and perfect for conferring a welcoming mood even on verandas, terraces and gardens, wood-effect stoneware can also be installed outdoors: you only need to choose tiles specifically designed for this kind of installation. Extra-thick (2 cm) versions are resistant to weather and weights, enable matching indoor-outdoor styles, and offer a variety of sizes suitable both for pavings and for covering steps and lining pools, as well as for installation on raised pavings.

Apart from Vero, mentioned above, these needs are met by collections such as Treverkdear20, Treverkhome20 and Treverkmade20: each of them has its own character and its own sizes, and they are able to satisfy any architectural requirement and aesthetic taste.

Guide to choosing wood-effect stoneware

Making the most of wood-effect porcelain stoneware: the importance of good installation

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware simulates natural parquet, but for the look to be truly realistic - apart from the material effect of the surface itself - great care has to be taken over installation.

Opt for collections that can be installed with the narrowest possible joints between tiles, trying to make them almost imperceptible. Rectified versions are definitely preferable, but by far the best advice is to call in skilled, competent installers.