5 ideas for original office and workplace furnishing…

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...Using porcelain stoneware as covering and decorative feature!

We can make boring, anonymous working environments a thing of the past: when designing modern offices in contemporary style, nowadays we have infinite options, not only in the choice of furniture but also embracing the selection of floor and wall coverings.

In fact, when furnishing a designer office we can start by defining the style of the interior with a material effect or an unusual tile size: porcelain stoneware meets not only the needs of the home but also those of workplaces to perfection, thanks to its extreme convenience and its safety. The infinite variety of material effects and shades means there is no limit to architectural creativity: disregarding the usual preference for neutral shades and uniform floor coverings, original, stylish working interiors can be designed with the aid of more varied textures (i.e. Ceppo di Gré) or different tile sizes.

Moreover, with large slabs offices can be decorated with striking featured effects and with minimal joints between pieces.

Grande: maxi-size stoneware for floors with the wow effect


Without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 ways of using porcelain stoneware to furnish a modern office with style and originality (using a material which is convenient and safe for the people who spend all day in workplaces).


  1. Highlight desks with ceramic carpets: each workstation can be emphasised with a floor decor that underlines its position. With this approach, the furniture fades into the background and can be simple and discreet.
  2. Wow effect walls with large slabs: yes, large slabs can beautify walls as well as a floor. You need only find the ones that will create the most original interior design effect and focus attention on them.
  3. Stoneware pictures to transform an office into a ceramics gallery: similarly, a large size slab can decorate a wall like an artist’s painting.
  4. Porcelain stoneware boardroom tables and desks: use of porcelain stoneware as a finish for furniture is possible thanks to slimline thickness slabs, which enable a tile to become a form of decoration. If you prefer a uniform shade or effect on the floor, you can be more daring on these other surfaces, opting for stronger patterns or dialogues between colours!
  5. Install tiles to highlight the main pathways with decors and unusual sizes: the floor can become a decorative feature if the motifs and sizes (not to mention the grout colours) are used creatively. So provide coloured pathways between the various parts of the office, or install tiles in a herringbone pattern, to highlight – for example – the route to other working areas (refreshment zone or meeting rooms).

More inspirations for furnishing with porcelain stoneware? Look no further


Furnishing an office: complete the interior design with style

Once the materials of the context have been decided, it is time to choose the other features which will characterise the interior. Office furniture is often boring and standardised, but workplaces do not have to be furnished in this way – quite the contrary! To ensure wellbeing at work (and increase people’s productivity!) it is important to create offices which make the people who live in and use them every day feel good.

How should an office be furnished? Here are three factors which must not be underestimated when aiming for an outstanding end result:

  1. Lighting: to avoid the cold effect of ordinary office lamps, it is best to use light fittings that will underline the choice of furnishings and the coverings (if three-dimensional, for example, they can be emphasised with fittings which direct light along the surface of the wall, to pick out its relief motifs);
  2. Seating: chairs, armchairs for the relaxation area, sofas and other unusual forms of seating can radically change an office’s style. Not to forget that workstations must always have ergonomic seating to ensure the health of the people who use them for so many consecutive hours;
  3. Ornaments and soft furnishings: to make people feel at home even at work, an office can be given a warmer mood with items that help to make it more welcoming, relaxed and informal. From vases to cushions, and from prints to display accessories, just a few features can be enough to make the office an interior with its own clearly defined character.

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