Outdoor Trends, the latest from Marazzi

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The various areas of homes are becoming more and more hybrid, and there is a growing trend towards continuity between indoors and outdoors, with outside spaces becoming real rooms, furnished not only as kitchens and living rooms, but also for work and sport.

In the last two years, there has been a significant rise in the number of buyers seeking homes with large, versatile outdoor areas, leading to a shift in interest towards more outlying districts, where property values make it possible to invest in larger houses. At the same time, in our homes we have redesigned terraces and balconies to make them more comfortable and convenient, for working, studying and relaxing in the open air.

Waterproof, anti-slip – thanks to their structured surface – and stain-resistant, frostproof and flame retardant, weatherproof even in terms of colour-fastness, and ultra-resistant in the 20 mm thickness, which enables easy, versatile installation, the outdoor porcelain stoneware surfaces in the Marazzi collections fully meet the demand for the restyling or ad-hoc creation of both domestic and urban outdoor spaces. The latest aesthetic offerings confirm that there are no limits to the compositional and creative abilities of interior designers and architects.

Uniche thinks Mediterranean

Ostuni, Cadiz, Arles and Avignone: the beauty of four Mediterranean limestones acquires new form in the Uniche collection. Natural raw materials, sustainable, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and the new 3D Ink technology, applied to tiles’ structure and surface for the first time, create this collection with a strong aesthetic and tactile personality and an extremely realistic stone effect.

There are three finishes – natural and Velvet for indoors and structured, for outdoor locations – and four sizes (60×120, 60×60, 30×60 and 30×30 cm), together with the extra-thick 20 mm option, as well as a complete range of trims for special projects, such as swimming pools.

The ground-breaking StepWise technology gives the new range a high degree of slip resistance, even though it has absolutely no roughness, with a soft-touch, easy-clean surface.

Cementum, tough, sophisticated beauty

The Cementum collection, in structured version and in 20 mm extra thickness, interprets concrete, a material with a key role in the history of architecture, with compact colours and tactile sensations. The hints of colour enhance the depth and richness of the textures, while the application of anti-reflective glazes – with special body mixes for each shade – provides an extremely realistic aesthetic effect. Cementum features many of the latest innovations from the Marazzi labs. The natural look, achieved thanks to BodyPlus production technology with its material inclusions, is accentuated by the anti-slip, soft-touch, matt surface, enabled by the StepWise technology. Cementum is a High Performance collection: versatile, tough and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Mystone Travertino gives new life to an antique material

The compact consistency and resistance of Travertine, a stone used since ancient times, have merged with the most leading-edge, innovative production techniques from the Marazzi Laboratories. This combination has given us the new Mystone Travertino stoneware, which provides this traditional Italian building stone with a strongly contemporary character. Strength, versatility and variety of finishes and sizes all make this collection ideal for designing outdoor spaces with the same quality, strength and detail as indoor areas.

The details and flaws of stones are precisely reproduced thanks to Sublime Sync digital printing, in which the design is perfectly matched with the structure of the surface finish, giving it an amazing depth.

The qualities of the Mystone Travertino collection are also enhanced with the new StepWise and High Performance Premium technologies, for superlative technical characteristics compliant with the toughest international standards.

Oltre: beyond the beauty of wood

In the Vero collection, the looks of various kinds of wood were underlined by exquisite workmanship, hand-planing and strong variations in colour. With Oltre, a concentrate of new premium technologies, the focus is on fine oak wood, a timber that evokes Scandinavian minimalism with a contemporary allure. In the version with outdoor surface the collection is also ideal for external pavings, completing the range of sizes with a series of trims able to define any architectural detail. The collection’s innovative texture is achieved using the new Sublime Sync technology, a technique that matches the patterning with the structure to reproduce knots, vein patterns and tactile qualities with extreme realism. Glossy and matt inks, precisely paired with the underlying forms of natural inspiration, use light and shade to highlight the flaws and distinctive features of oak, giving the surfaces a natural, matt, hyper-realistic appearance.