High Performance

The High-Performance production processes characterize porcelain stoneware products intended for high-stress vertical surfaces and high-traffic horizontal surfaces. Made with exclusive technologies, High Performance ceramic tiles are extraordinarily performing from a technical point of view and meet both the strictest international regulatory standards and the specifications with a high technical content.

Discover the collections with High Performance technology

Marazzi Premium Technology

Puro Marazzi Antibacterial

Antibacterial technology
for long-lasting hygiene

Discover Puro Marazzi Antibacterial


Technical performance
for anti-slip, soft-touch surfaces

Discover StepWise

Body Plus

Through-body tactile inclusions
for a natural look

Discover Body Plus

Sublime Sync

Digital technology and high-definition
tactile structure

Discover Sublime Sync

Zero Glossy

New super-matt surfaces

Discover Zero Glossy

3D Ink

Unique match of materials, colours and 3D textures

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Digital technology and grits for
exquisite relief surfaces

Discover Touch