The Top

Technological innovation, aesthetic sophistication and innate versatility: The Top, a selection of large-size porcelain stoneware Marazzi slabs specially designed for the creation of tops, backsplashes, tables, doors and infinite tailor-made furnishing options for residential and commercial locations.


The Marazzi The Top slabs are extremely resistant, easy to install and clean, ultra-resistance to stains, acids and molds, fireproof and guarantee maximum hygiene.

Size: 160×320
Thickness: 6 mm
Size: 162×324
Thickness: 12 mm | 20 mm

Discover the applications

Countertops, backsplashes, tables and other tailor-made furnishing and covering solutions: Marazzi slabs make it possible to design kitchens characterized by perfect stylistic continuity using an extremely malleable, yet highly resistant material that guarantees the highest hygiene and safety levels.

Even in bathrooms, Marazzi slabs are ideal for free, innovative contemporary design, combining style, malleability and a captivating sensation of aesthetic continuity, with outstanding performance in terms of stability, resistance to water and moisture, durability and hygiene.

Guaranteeing the perfect mix of light composition, solid construction, style and technical performance, Marazzi slabs are suited to the creation of a potentially infinite range of furnishing elements, surfaces and other custom solutions in residential, commercial and public locations, such as stores, premises dedicated to catering, socializing and entertainment and workplaces. Technological innovation and wide-ranging design for the most ambitious contemporary interior design projects.


3 thicknesses, 6 mm, 12 mm, 20 mm for the ultra-large slabs of the The Top collection by Marazzi, which now features exquisite new material looks and antibacterial properties thanks to the new Puro technology. The The Top slabs, designed in a factory entirely dedicated to their production, guarantee unrivalled workability and offer matt, satin and glossy surfaces of extreme refinement which are also unbeatably hygienic, resistant and durable