Sublime Sync

Sublime Sync is a new production technology that combines high-definition digital printing and material structure. The use of latest-generation optical sensors allows textures to be precisely read, associating them with multiple graphic patterns and glazes with varying degrees of gloss or opacity. Thanks to this technology, the design perfectly integrates with the material texture, achieving an unprecedented depth and precision on both natural and structured surfaces.

Discover the collections with Sublime Sync technology

Marazzi Premium Technology

Puro Marazzi Antibacterial

Antibacterial technology
for long-lasting hygiene

Discover Puro Marazzi Antibacterial


Technical performance
for anti-slip, soft-touch surfaces

Discover StepWise

Body Plus

Through-body tactile inclusions
for a natural look

Discover Body Plus

High Performance

Resistance and versatility for
indoor and outdoor spaces

Discover High Performance

Zero Glossy

New super-matt surfaces

Discover Zero Glossy

3D Ink

Unique match of materials, colours and 3D textures

Discover 3D Ink


Digital technology and grits for
exquisite relief surfaces

Discover Touch