Gran Villa Palmera

La Palma, Spain

marazzi gran villa palmera 000.jpg

An oasis with a view of the Aridan Valley and the Atlantic Ocean

Gran Villa Palmera, near the vibrant town of Los Llanos on the island of Tenerife and the black sand beaches of the western coast, is an oasis of peace surrounded by large palms and other ancient trees. The colonial-style villa was built in the ‘80s and has now been completely renovated by the new owner.

The idea was to give the building a touch of Brazilian Modernism, and so the Crogiolo Scenario collection was chosen for several areas of the villa. 

For the paving of the external pergola and various ideas of the garden, the Tappeto 2A and 2B Blu and Decoro Mix Blu of Scenario porcelain stoneware in blue and white are the keynote design feature and blend attractively into their surroundings. The same collection was also installed on the floor of the bathroom.

The kitchen backsplash again uses small-size tiles from the Crogiolo family, the Zellige single-fired collection in Gesso colour, inspired by the North African tradition.

Ph. Bernd Rathjen

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