Casa CS

Rovigo (RO), Italy

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Roberto Navarrini

Elena Lavezzo

Navarrini Architetti e Associati

Navarrini Architetti e Associati



An architectural renovation project for a ‘50s villa in the centre of Rovigo. To improve the building’s appearance and configuration, the architects chose Marazzi porcelain stoneware in two variants: the elegant marble effect of the Grande Marble Look collection and the hard-wearing, minimalist Mystone Limestone.

Casa CS is how we all imagine a typical upper middle-class Italian home: a ‘50s villa standing on the corner of two streets in the centre of Rovigo. The project by Navarrini Architetti e Associati, the firm of architects Roberto Navarrini and Elena Lavezzo, with the brief of reinforcing the building’s structure and improving its energy efficiency, focused on achieving a balance between conserving the best features of its original appearance and renewing and adding personality to its style. This led the architects to maintain some of its strong points: the fair-faced brickwork on the facade, some decorative mouldings, the shape of the roof, and the size and layout of the doors and windows.

The restoration of these parts was accompanied by the search for uniformity of materials and an overall simplicity. Inside the building, light-coloured shades and material generate a neutral space: the use of the monochrome white with grey vein patterns of the Grande Marble Look Statuario collection porcelain stoneware, in 120x120 size for the floorings and 120x240 Book Match for the bathroom wall covering, enhances the luminosity of the interior. The outdoor areas were paved with the Mystone Limestone collection in 20 mm thickness, in 60x120 size and Ivory colour, using the raised paving technology, a system which combines modular elements and constructs an unbroken technical cavity underneath the paved surface. This porcelain stoneware collection, which reproduces a stone of ancient origins, offers outstanding technical characteristics and excellent anti-slip properties achieved with the new StepWise technology. What’s more, thanks to its production with 40% recycled material, contributing to qualification for LEED® credits, and Greenguard Gold certification for low emissions of volatile organic compounds into indoor air, the Mystone Limestone collection is a sustainable choice.

Ph. Fabio Bascetta

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