Bevel House

Zagreb Croatia

In a location surrounded by vineyards on the Pelješac peninsula in southern Dalmatia, the Bevel House was designed by Klaudija Zubčić, a Croatian interior designer who has reached out to the natural landscape and brought it inside the villa itself. Ceramic tiles were amongst the features used in this elegant transition between the tactile beauty of the land and a lifestyle where luxury is a “must”.

Pelješac is a long, narrow peninsula in the Dubrovnik-Neretva area of Dalmatia, an incredible place where sea, sky and land meet. The village of Postup is named after the famous local vine variety, the grapes from which are harvested by hand on the hill where the Bevel House stands.

Its structure follows the lie of the land and the green roof merges into the wooded surroundings. The sharp corners of the architectural form recall the peninsula’s rugged yet lovely outlines; large windows open onto the infinity pool with a spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea and the nearby islands.

“I focused a great deal on the idea of enabling visitors to the house,” designer Klaudija Zubčić explains, “to enjoy a unique experience constantly linked to the unique nature of the location itself [the house is currently available for rental through the main booking platforms, Ed.]. The concept developed around the desire to create light-filled spaces as “pure” as the house’s natural surroundings. The Pelješac peninsula is famous for its sometimes harsh, rocky landscape. I decided to embrace this characteristic and work with natural materials to give individuality to all the surfaces of the many different rooms: from the large indoor and outdoor living area to the many bathrooms, from the gym to the large kitchen, through to the private wine cellar.”

Ceramics played a key role in defining the style of the home’s interiors, as the Croatian designer confirms: “I chose to work with a mix and match of Marazzi collections. The large sizes gave the house an incredibly spacious feel. The access to textures inspired by stones and marbles, in natural shades from white to ivory and from beige to grey, reinforced my initial intention to maintain complete harmony with the location’s ancestral beauty.” 

The collections used on the interior surfaces of the Bevel House are Grande Stone Look (Ceppo di Gré Grey), Mystone Moon (in White colour), Mystone Basalto (Pomice) and Materika (Beige and Spatula structure Beige).

For the outdoor spaces, architect Klaudija Zubčić chose the stone-effect stoneware of the Mystone Limestone collection (in Ivory and Sand finishes) with outstanding antislip properties and the Mystone Bluestone collection (in Grigio Strutturato version), complete with a wide range of trims, installed in the swimming-pool area. 

The Top Marble Look, in the exquisite Saint Laurent colour, covered the architectural forms of the Luxury Showers produced by Korta Design.

This sophisticated mix and match design scheme also catered in full for the client’s demands in terms of durability and performance. Thanks to the High Performance technology, the Mystone collection withstands heavy stresses and intensive foot traffic. The Limestone and Moon collections, manufactured with the StepWise technology, have a high antislip coefficient while still providing a soft-touch, easy-clean surface.

The compositional freedom clearly reflected by Klaudija Zubčić’s work enabled inventive architecture and construction to be combined with a continual awareness of the building’s environment: the high technology of Marazzi’s production processes keeps energy and water use down and recycles up to 40% of waste materials.

Ph. Damil Kalogjera

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