PÄRIS Deli-Bakery-Restaurant

Tallin, Estonia

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Grande Marble Look Ghiara Palladiana is the linking interior design feature of all the rooms of Estonian locale Päris, which includes a delicatessen, bakery and restaurant and has opened on the ground floor of the new Skyon skyscraper in Tallinn. The location reflects the love of contrasts of designer and artist Marit Ilison, expressed through the choice of vintage and contemporary materials and objects.  The interior designer selected The Top Marble Look Sodalite Blu slabs to cover the toilets and “evoke the way lights are reflected on the sea at midnight”

Multidisciplinary artist and designer Marit Ilison has created costumes, site-specific moods, exhibitions and stage sets, ranging from fashion to interior design and defining a poetics embracing spatial experience and surprise. In 2013 Marit Ilison founded Marit Ilison Creative Atelier together with his brother Peeter Ilison. 

Ilison’s love of contrasts is fully reflected in all the rooms of new Estonian locale Päris, in the dialogue between different materials and surfaces: matt green walls, ceramic tiles, antique brass and classical details that recall early C20th Paris. 

Drawing inspiration not only from the French capital but also from the cities of New York and Milan, the interiors are designed with green as the dominant colour. By mixing daring shades, materials and bespoke and vintage furniture, Ilison has created a visually attractive, pleasantly tactile mood, offering a culinary experience that can be defined as an “on-the-spot journey”.

“I felt the need to make this a friendly, affectionate place,” the Estonian designer explains, “because these adjectives perfectly sum up the personality of chef Vlad Djatšuk, his gentleness and yet his passion for what he does: passionate and gentle with his raw material, foods.”

All the furniture is bespoke, while the look is completed by a few outstanding antique and vintage items.

Marit Ilison is well known for his skill in giving new life to forgotten objects. For the Päris locale he has designed the lights for the arched windows with the aid of vintage milky-white glass globes once used at the Estonian National Opera House. Near the window are Soviet-era bell-shaped hanging lamps restored with brass trims after being rescued from a demolition site.

In this fascinating, surprising context, Grande Marble Look Ghiara Palladiana is the collection chosen for its daring, “funky” appearance, as the designer describes it, to add a touch of originality to the interiors and to give the locale unity through the use of a single pattern on all its floor surfaces. Ghiara Palladiana is the covering in all areas: bakery, delicatessen, restaurant and toilet.

The restaurant space is immersed in a wide range of green shades and Ilison wanted the toilet to be just as exciting, and to evoke a “sparkling midnight sea”. So in this area The Top Marble Look Sodalite Blu slabs reflect the light of the crystal lamps and the large spheres that resemble the full moon.

Ph. Terje Ugandi

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