Porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops: the benefits

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Porcelain stoneware is one of the array of options for kitchen countertops today: strength and performance are amongst the reasons for its popularity.

Nowadays the search for the perfect kitchen countertop is complicated by the many alternatives available on the market. There are a vast assortment of materials, for selection depending on budget, technical requirements and needs, type or frequency of use, style and aesthetic considerations. Since the introduction of large slabs, the options now also include porcelain stoneware, which has graduated from wall covering to high-tech, decorative surface for countertops and backsplashes.

Porcelain stoneware kitchen countertop? Why not?

Porcelain stoneware maintains all its outstanding performance when used in furnishing surface version.

It is solid and compact but lightweight and easy to shape, architecturally versatile (no problem cutting and contouring it), resistant to stains and mould, convenient to wash and able to withstand acids and scratches in daily use. The stoneware kitchen countertop guarantees unbeatable hygiene and safety, as well as being resistant to fire and immune to both heat and frost. What’s more, unlike other materials it does not fade or warp over time, maintaining all its beauty intact.

Last but not least, Marazzi offers even greater protection thanks to the Puro Antibacterial technology, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and microorganisms from the ceramic surface.


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Effects and design potential

In terms of appearance, porcelain stoneware offers a really wide spread of stylistic options, not to mention the priceless capability for matching with interiors’ other ceramic surfaces. The floor, walls, countertop and backsplash can be designed together on a total look basis or with carefully chosen contrasts of colours and texture, in a material with outstanding technical characteristics.

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What is the best effect for your kitchen countertop? Whether your kitchen is conventional in layout or features a peninsula or island, the colour and material effect of the countertop will be crucial for the room’s style. Porcelain stoneware offers you many options: from wood effect to marble look and on to stone, concrete and metallic. This is not to mention Solid Color, for creating a black or white kitchen countertop with a compact, uniform surface.

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A major benefit to be added to those already covered? The option of constructing the kitchen sink in porcelain stoneware in total continuity with the countertop. Simple and minimalist, perfect for the contemporary kitchen.