Stylish details for a modern living room

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Furnishing, tiling and decorating a living room today: inputs and ideas for the contemporary living area

Nowadays the living room is the part of the home most on public view, where anyone entering is welcomed (contemporary homes often do not have a hall), and it is used for all socialisation and relaxation, by both the family and guests. It must always be designed so that it conveys the style of the people who live in it, and tells some of their story through the choice of colours, materials and furnishings.

But how can you tell a story with an interior design project? The usual practice is to start with a moodboard that sums up the room to be created in the form of materials, finishes, colours and inspirations. It is put together on the basis of the owners’ requests and inputs and in response to their everyday practical needs, which are then translated into design furnishing choices. This is why it is always advisable to call in a professional, who will not only suggest how you can arrange the living-room furniture but who will keep up to date with the latest technical innovations and trends.

Furnishing a stylish living room

What are the key design details when furnishing a contemporary living room? Here is a checklist for you to copy!


  1. Colour | Coloured walls and furnishings and fittings in bright shades: the latest trends insist strongly on the use of colour in interiors, both as a tool for defining functional areas (with blocks of colour) and as a purely decorative feature. Not so sure about colour on the walls? A coloured floor may be the perfect solution, perhaps decorated with a cement tile style ceramic carpet, ideal for a modern open-plan living room
  2. The dining area | The heart of the modern living room is the dining area: the table is often placed outside the kitchen and becomes the dominant feature of the living room. An original idea for making it unique? Have it made in porcelain stoneware, with a slimline ceramic slab to be matched with the other surfaces.
  3. Lighting | Light is an interior design component in its own right: never underestimate the importance of good lighting design in ensuring that all the design choices in elegant modern living rooms are seen to best effect.
  4. Lounge area | Seating, TV wall composition, armchairs and sofa: the area dedicated to rest and relaxation must suit the household’s habits and meet the specific requirements for its use. Take a look at our post on how to furnish a modern lounge for plenty of useful suggestions, especially for open-plan living rooms.
  5. Decor | The fittings and accessories often define the interior design style of the stylish modern living room, so every detail must be carefully considered, right down to the fabrics and paintings, carpets and prints. An unusual, striking idea? Use of slimline thickness stoneware slabs arranged to form a “painting” on a wall: from wall covering to artwork.
  6. Plants in the living room | Yes, plants are now interior design features: well placed and correctly chosen (in terms of exposure and expected growth) they are the optimal completion of the furnishing of a modern, elegant living room.


So porcelain stoneware is a high-performing aid when furnishing a modern living room: a versatile, eclectic material, it can serve as covering and decoration, radically changing the style of the interior depending on its material effect, colour and texture.


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