Horeca: Poké Restaurant

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The popularity of the poke culinary tradition started a couple of years ago, starting from the American West Coast and the Hawaiian islands, a surf paradise with their enchanted ocean, and has spread to the big European capitals – London, Paris – and Italy too.

In its original language, poke – pronounced “po-kay” – means “cut into large chunks”, and it does not only refer to raw fish: all the ingredients added to the striking large bowl in which it is served are equally important. The poke bowl originated amongst the small, simple restaurants serving street-food, and they are the inspiration behind our two moods.

The first vision evokes the colourful, light-filled interiors of Hawaii, where the Poke tradition was born.
A geometrical pattern of resins in a range of warm, solid, tastefully blended colours –  Grande Resin Look Verde Scuro Cold Satin, Verde Chiaro Satin, Rosa Cold Satin and Rosso Cold Satin – contrasts with the tactile beauty of the floor covering in Grande Marble Look Ghiara Minuta Mix slabs, and the counters in Grande Stone Look Ceppo di Gré Grey.

Our second interior design features a more uniform colour scheme, which however is still its defining characteristic. The wall and counter are covered with the irregular, iridescent tiles of the Crogiolo Rice collection in Blu Lux colour, and the Blossom Lux decor, also in blue. The wall in Grande Resin Look Beige Satin harmonises with the floor in Mystone Ceppo di Gré slabs, in Grey colour.

Project & Styling: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

Poké Restaurant – Grande

Floor: M877 Grande Marble Look Ghiara Minuta Mix Rett. 120×120
Wall: M90L Grande Resin Look Verde Chiaro Satin Rett. 120×120
M7GW Grande Resin Look Rosa COld Satin Rett. 120×278
M7GY Grande Resin Look Verde Scuro Cold Satin Rett. 120×278
M7GX Grande Resin Look Rosso Cold Satin Rett. 120×278
For the top: M10U Grande Stone Look Ceppo di Gré Grey 162×324 12 mm

Poké Restaurant – Rice + Mystone + Grande

Floor: M9EZ Mystone Ceppo di Gré Grey Rett. 60×120 6 mm
Wall: M9J9 Crogiolo Rice Decoro Blossom Lux 15×15
M96R Crogiolo Rice Blu Lux 5×15
M7GT Grande Resin Look Beige Satin Rett. 120×278
For the counter: M964 Crogiolo Rice Blu Lux 15×15