Horeca: Wine Bar

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For years now, the wine bar experience has acquired an additional meaning, that of a place of learning. Naturally, there is only one subject on offer: wine. The person behind the counter is often very knowledgeable, and his or her duties generally include much more than just selling bottles or pouring wine.

Increasingly often, they also become tutors for customers and chance visitors, who add to their knowledge about food and wine as they enjoy a good glass of the wonderful liquid.
A wine bar has to be a comfortable place, ready to welcome wine lovers and connoisseurs, almost like a library; a place where you can extend your knowledge about this noble drink. Memories of cultural locations inspired the inclusion of partitions rather like those of a library, but designed to hold bottles on display.

In the first version
The furnished wall is covered with the Grande Marble Look collection, Verde Aver colour, in the Lux version. The bar zone and counter are covered with Grande Resin Look Verde Chiaro. The end wall is inspired by extensive post-industrial surfaces, and finished with Grande Metal Look Corten large slabs. The flooring in Mystone Ceppo di Gré Greige gives this interior a timeless air, traditional yet contemporary.

In the second preview, Mystone Travertino, also in the Botanico and 3D special finishes, covers the large end wall and contrasts with the glass display cases for the bottles. The bar counter is covered with Grande Solid Color Look Black Satin slabs, while the wood-effect Oltre collection of planks, in the warm Caramel shade, completes the floorings.

Project & Styling: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

Wine Bar – Mystone + Grande

Floor: M9EX Mystone Ceppo di Gré Greige Rett. 120×120 6 mm

Wall: M9D0 Grande Marble Look Verde Aver Lux Rett, 120×278
M99X Grande Metal Look Corten 162×324 12 mm
M9D6 Grande Metal Look Corten 160×320 6 mm

For the counter top: M90L Grande Resin Look Verde Chiaro Rett. 120×120

Wine Bar – Grande + Mystone + Oltre

Floor: M9DP Oltre Caramel Rett. 22,5×180

Wall: M9P5 Mystone Travertino Classico Pannello Botanico 120×120
M99Q Mystone Travertino Classico Rett. 90×180
M9HP Mystone Travertino Classico Struttura 3D Rett. 60×120

For the counter top: M11U Grande Solid Color Look Black Satin 162×324 12 mm