A new hospitality

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Surfaces and forms with redefined language and functions, expressing new location concepts and more custom-made, continually evolving solutions where socialisation, relaxation and food interact in synergy in the Ho.Re.Ca. world

The evolution of hospitality and its paradigms is one of the most widely discussed topics in Italy and abroad, particularly the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, an acronym for Hotellerie, Restaurant and Café, which covers the hotel industry and all the activities that revolve around food, beverages and hospitality. In recent decades this sector has also developed very quickly, mainly with a focus on increasingly exclusive and comprehensive hotel services that also cater to the leisure segment, no longer offering just a simple stay, but a truly immersive experience.

Luxury or super-luxury hotels with villas for those who want guaranteed privacy, a personal 24-hour valet service and fluid rooms designed with sophisticated materials that are increasingly technological and sustainable, specially chosen for the different environments, as well as custom-made furniture and accessories with original finishes and design details. A remarkable evolution in the choice of materials and surfaces has taken place in the common areas, bathrooms and bedrooms: the floors, walls, tops and inserts, decorated in the past with fine carpets, wallpaper, and upholstered headboards with various patterns, mainly used to provide better soundproofing, are now, in Italy and around the world, partially replaced with ceramic materials that are more practical, hygienic and durable, created using cutting-edge technology and installation and support systems that guarantee effective, outstanding acoustic insulation, reproducing the effects and sensations of high-quality selected marble, natural stone, wood, resin and concrete treated with different finishes and colour variations.

Large spas with dedicated wellness areas, complete with bars or bistros offering a range of healthy options, swimming pools, including thermal pools, and personalized wellness treatments: these temples of wellness round off the range of services for a 5+ star hotel experience. But also Boutique Hotels, multi-building hotels, private villas complete with all the services of a luxury hotel including restaurants run by Michelin-starred chefs – increasingly personalized services for a memorable experience for even the most demanding customers. In recent years, the luxury market has been constantly expanding more than ever before and the concept of luxury has been transformed in the desires, perception and choices of users.

Particular attention is paid to lobbies, halls, restaurants and spaces that connect with the outside, which have become more dynamic and fluid in their seamless relationship with spacious outdoor areas, today’s trendiest spaces, featuring large, comfortable living areas and green areas designed by famous landscape designers, enjoyed as winter gardens and exclusive rooftops that offer breathtaking views of beautiful panoramas.

Catering is also one of the leading Ho.Re.Ca. sectors and the focus of attention and communication in the media and on social media, which seeks to attract and engage an increasingly wide and varied clientele, partly thanks to a new international language based on flavours, raw materials and selected products. Tastes, drinks and recipes known through the names of great starred chef ambassadors and established showmen. From large, luxurious restaurants inside prestigious hotels to smarter solutions, concepts for food chains, wine shops and bars, all embracing new creative ideas and new stylistic and cultural trends, which are reflected both in the food & beverage range and in the design, colour and material mood, conceived for these environments without neglecting the fundamental eco-sustainable and environmental aspects that must be unhesitatingly pursued through supply chains, systems and procedures that allow saving, recycling and reuse of resources and raw materials.