Via Otricoli

Rome (RM), Italy

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Giulia Catinello



A ground-floor building in Via Otricoli, Rome, renovated with extreme attention to construction and energy performance, designed by architect Giulia Catinello for Frimm Real Estate Investing. The aesthetics of this renovated building were achieved thanks to the ventilated wall clad with stone-effect Mystone Travertino porcelain stoneware in the Navona version.

The retrofit operation, developed by Frimm Real Estate Investing in Rome, was entrusted to designer Giulia Catinello, maintaining the building layout in a way that respects the area’s orography.

The property is accessed from Via Otricoli via a pedestrian entrance, which serves a total of thirty-four flats on the ground floor, on the side of Via Todi, and on the four upper levels. 

On the attic floor, a large covered terrace has been designed and system rooms have been allocated.

“From the outset, attention to the building’s energy performance was one of the key elements of this operation, which has returned an uninhabited building to the city,” comments designer Giulia Catinello. “The main façades are face east-west while the secondary façades are north-south so as to ensure that each flat receives direct sunlight for at least half the day. On the main front, the building slightly tapers off from the shape of the plot, while the opposite front is completely flat.” The goal was to respect the outline of the building body by working on the construction qualities of the envelope and restoring its aesthetic identity. “The choice,” Catinello confirms, “convinced us to create ventilated walls that would enclose a compact volume, while optimising thermal dispersion and system performance.”

The multi-layered structure of the walls activates a continual natural ventilation process across the façade, eliminating excess humidity and contributing to cooling in the summer and controlling heat loss in the winter. This system makes it possible to harness the considerable aesthetic potential of the cladding face, accommodating the geometry of the existing body and responding to the need for specific volumes and specially designed elements such as sun screens.

“The desire to create a modern, environmentally sustainable building,” continues architect Giulia Catinello, “steered every design choice in this direction. All materials used pay attention to the production system, source and serviceability to ensure the quality and durability of the entire complex.”

The ventilated walls clad with stone-effect Mystone Travertino porcelain stoneware in the 60x120 cm size and soft Navona shade help to create an overall look that is harmonious and consistent with the living context.

The compactness and resistance of ancient stone were the reference point for Marazzi Laboratories, which created the Mystone Travertino stoneware collection with a strongly contemporary aesthetic. This collection combines high-definition digital printing, with its precise alternations of glossy and matt shades, with equally high-definition production processes that define and customise multiple surface textures. Shade and structure perfectly merge in the texture of the travertine surface, with all the typical porosity of the ancient material.  

The Mystone Travertino collection extends the performance of its surfaces by implementing them with Marazzi’s premium technologies. From StepWise, a finish with a soft touch and high slip resistance, to High Performance, for surfaces that perform extraordinarily well from a technical standpoint and in accordance with the strictest international regulatory standards, via Sublime Sync, the high-definition solution that permits digital print and material structure to perfectly coincide, achieving unprecedented surface quality and realism.

For the condominium floor surfaces, both inside and outside the building, the Mystone Limestone porcelain stoneware collection was chosen in the Taupe colour, and in the 60x60 and 30x30 cm sizes; also with extraordinary performance guaranteed by the premium High Performance and StepWise technologies.

Mystone Limestone can also be installed outdoors – thanks to its structured surface and 20 mm thickness – allowing for remarkable aesthetic continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Ph. Francesco Vignali

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