Sierra Nevada

Roma (RM), Italy

marazzi sierra nevada 000.jpg

The Punto Zero firm’s project aims to radically redefine the lobby of Sierra Nevada, an office complex set in a contemporary, technological context.

The Punto Zero firm’s project is developed through the bold use of large volumes and perforated surfaces, which redefine the lobby of Sierra Nevada, an office complex. The reception features a minimal, industrial design that deliberately seeks dissonance with the organic atmosphere of the garden and existing buildings, creating a unique identity.

The heart of the lobby is a “box within a box”, a volume made of galvanised, unpainted Keller sheet metal. This element harmoniously dialogues with the project’s other cold elements.

The lobby’s distinctive character emerges from the grey tones chosen for the floor and walls, accompanied by tactile grafting of lava stone covering the seats and lift walls. To create continuity and emphasise the space’s industrial style, the Cementum Nickel collection in the large square 120x120 cm size is an optimal flooring solution. This concrete-effect porcelain stoneware reinterprets the versatile inspiration material, permitting multiple applications and featuring the Marazzi laboratories’ most innovative Premium Technologies such as BodyPlus, which gives a natural appearance with through-body tactile inclusions, and technical performance for anti-slip StepWise surfaces.

Sierra Nevada’s lobby is therefore transformed into a contemporary and functional space that can embrace the future with style and personality.

Ph. ELLER firm

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