Uptown Milano

Milan (MI), Italy

marazzi uptown 000.jpg


Alessandro Scandurra

Umberto Zanetti

SSA Scandurra

ZDA Zanetti Design Architettura


The residences of UpTown Milan, the first completely carbon-free Italian smart district designed by Scandurra Studio Architettura and Zanetti Design Architettura, are equipped with the most modern home automation features: digital services, communal gym, bilingual micro-crèche, co-working spaces and direct access to the large public park creates a genuine ecosystem that focuses on the quality of life of the families. For the complex's in-line facades, Marazzi developed, in close collaboration with the ZDA studio, a new customised material which would offer a contemporary interpretation (in terms of size and production technology) of the great Milanese architectural tradition of the '50s, where this same stone, from the Gré quarries, was used to provide prestige and decoration The product developed for and applied in UpTown has been added to the Marazzi catalogue in the Mystone Ceppo di Gré series. The series of slabs holds GreenGuard certification - the environmental product certification that measures an item's emission of about 400 harmful substances - and LEED accreditation.

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