Garden Senato

Milano (MI), Italy

The work that took place at Garden Senato, a new multipurpose space for events in Milan, involved the building’s façades, the courtyard of honour, the portico, the pergola with the terrace and the small annex building (out building), the multipurpose space and the garden.

The architect Dalloli sought harmony between all the elements that make up the complex, to generate a sense of continuity. Architectural barriers were eliminated as much as possible to optimise the existing space and paths have been generated between the parts.

The garden remains at the centre and can be visually enjoyed from all the spaces. To enhance continuity with the natural stone of the exterior, the Mystone Ceppo di Gré collection was chosen in a natural finish and in a large size (75x150 cm), installed in the tiling at the entrance of the multipurpose space, in part of the staircase and in all of the location’s bathrooms, even on the wall. The natural Powder Mud series (75x 150 cm) was used instead on the floor of the multipurpose space and the out building to refer back to the other flooring present: deactivated concrete with natural stones and Palladiana.

Ph Andrea Martiradonna

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