Poké Boll

Palermo (PA) Italy

Poké Boll is a 60 sq m Hawaiian restaurant located in the centre of Palermo, whose design was entrusted to the Didea architectural firm.

The furnishing style reflects the restaurant’s tropical and exotic character. It features bright, flamboyant colours, wallpaper with botanical decorations covering all the walls and numerous plants placed both on the wall and suspended, decorating the chandeliers, walls and entrance to the room.

To cover the floor and wall boiserie, the designers chose the marble-effect porcelain stoneware Marazzi Pinch collection in Dark Grey and in the two 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm sizes.
The selected dark tone perfectly fits the venue’s jungle mood and accentuates the cobalt blue, the colour used to cover furniture and architectural elements.

Pinch therefore proved to be the optimal collection to give the restaurant an exotic atmosphere, while maintaining a contemporary style.


Ph Serena Eller

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