Marèna Beach

Ravenna (RA), Italy

Marèna Beach is a beach establishment with restaurant service located in the Lidos of Ravenna, specifically Lido di Savio.

The renovation project was carried out by Gruppo Lithos Architettura, which chose to renew the look of the premises using the Scenario majolica-effect porcelain stoneware collection.

Scenario is one of the seven small-size ceramic and stoneware collections that make up Crogiolo, a new Marazzi project that pays homage to traditional ceramic and reworks the manual skills of ceramists with a contemporary twist.

Scenario, a 20x20 cm collection that revives a historic Marazzi series called I Pennellati designed by Venerio Martini in 1958, proved to be the ideal choice to give the venue the typical Mediterranean style perfect for a seaside resort.

The collection, chosen in the Tappeto 2a Blu version, creates a distinctive decorative pattern on the restaurant floor formed by repeated white circles on a blue background. The carpet is completed by a solid colour blue frame also from the Scenario collection.

In this project, the Scenario porcelain stoneware collection masterfully dialogues with wood, the material chosen for both the outdoor floor and the interior furnishings of Marèna Beach.

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