Clínica Dental Anatômia

Bilbao, Spain

marazzi clinica dental anatomia 000.jpg

Fernando Vera of Lucio Diseño designed the Clínica Dental Anatômia in Bilbao, an innovative dental centre of excellence at c/ Rodríguez Arias 60. The new concept was developed to give clients greater comfort, with interiors furnished in contemporary style, and interplays of light and colour generated by the sometimes contrasting choice of materials, which highlight details of the interior. The elegant marble effect of the porcelain stoneware slabs of the Grande and The Top Marble Look collections, used here for floors, walls and the striking reception counter in the foyer of the clinic, as well as for the washrooms, was chosen in the Capraia variant with glossy finish in sizes 120x240 cm, with thickness of 6 mm, and 162x324 cm, thickness 12 mm, to give the interiors a modern yet refined mood, with evocations of classical architecture. The Grande Marble Look collection reinterprets 8 natural types of marble using Marazzi’s advanced digital printing technology; it is available in 4 large sizes and slimline thicknesses, and its technical characteristics include impressive strength, light weight and ductility.


Photographer: Erlantz Biderbost

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