Airflats Restaurant

Diegem, Belgium

marazzi airflats restaurant 000.jpg

The versatility of The Top, the range of large slabs designed for covering countertops, backsplashes, tables, cabinet doors and made-to-measure furnishings, was chosen by the designers of the internal restaurant of the Residence Inn at Diegem (Machelen, near Brussels airport), completed at the end of 2020. The Creneau International team of interior designers, working with the Arch & Teco architecture firm, selected The Top Grande Stone Look for the countertop of the communal area, matching an insert in the same finish from the Mystone Ceppo di Gré collection. 
The material effect chosen was the variegated, uneven texture of Ceppo di Gré. The maxi-slabs 12 mm thick, in the 162 x 324 cm size, were custom-cut to fit the tailor-made project, a fine example of their ability to respond to architects’ individual creative ideas.

Concept: Creneau International 
Architecture: Arch & Teco
Project realised in partnership with Artimar 

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