Laying 20mm stoneware

The new Marazzi extra-thick 20mm stoneware is ideal for outdoor pavings, including raised pavings. Hard-wearing and resistant to thermal shock, loads and stresses, 20mm porcelain stoneware is highly suitable for paving patios and balconies and for laying garden paths and driveways. The perfect alternative to wood and stone, it remains absolutely unchanged over time.

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Raised paving
The raised paving system is very flexible and can be installed over any type of paving, on single or double layer waterproofing membranes or on asphalt.
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Laying on grass
Dry laying on grass allows the creation of paths and areas that integrate well both with the surrounding landscaping and a variety of architectural contexts.
Laying on sand
Dry laying on sand is ideal for creating paths and walkways within beach resorts. Since the system is so flexible, slabs can be removed and relaid in new positions for different holiday seasons.
Laying on gravel
Dry laying on gravel is a practical, versatile solution that provides a contemporary effect.
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Laying with adhesive
Traditional laying with adhesive on concrete screeds is ideal for outdoor areas used by vehicles, such as the entrances to garages.