D_Segni and Art: the beauty of Venetian Seminato

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Cement and granulated marble tiles come back into fashion with two new collections

While for years the design and architecture world has shown a preference for the minimal styles typical of Scandinavian countries, well known for their simple, elegant lines, recently the Italian tradition has made an impressive comeback.

Overseas, Italian style features in a wide variety of media, from architecture to film, by way of art and photography, marking a transition from simple lines and minimalist interiors to design schemes with a strong focus on detail, elegance and comfort: a trend destined to last over time.

One of the clearest expressions of this trend is the return to fashion of Venetian Seminato, a covering of great visual impact with options to satisfy a wide range of tastes and sensitivities.

Marazzi plays its part in this trend by offering two porcelain stoneware collections that exalt and celebrate the beauty of this Venetian flooring: D_Segni Scaglie and Art, two collections that look back in time and draw inspiration from this type of hand-created floor covering to create diversified solutions to meet a wide variety of needs.

D_Segni Scaglie is a small-size stoneware that evokes the antique beauty of cement tiles by adding glossy and matt chips to the surface: the result is a highly decorative effect that references the warmth and appeal of Venetian Seminato for refined solutions in line with the latest trends.

Without a doubt, one of the collection’s strong points is its compositional variety: D_Segni Scaglie is available in six colour variants in combination with seven Tappeto decors and a mix decor using 15 different motifs: an extremely versatile collection, sure to stimulate interior designers’ creativity.

Art is the marble-effect stoneware collection that reproduces the granulated marble look typical of Venetian Seminato. Through the inclusion of marble fragments in the cement base, Art creates interplays of light and subtle colour variations that caress the eyes, evoking recollections and memories redolent with elegance and refinement.

Elegance, refinement, tradition and intimacy: these are the characteristics shared by the D_Segni Scaglie and Art collections, in an endless, stimulating dialogue between materials central to Italian style.

Explore Art and D_Segni Scaglie, the Marazzi collections inspired by Venetian Seminato, and be inspired by the photo gallery.