The return of the chevron

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With Vero and Oltre, the two most recent collections, Marazzi proposes a modern, hi-tech, democratic take on the elegant herringbone installation pattern, once the preserve of stately homes and haute-bourgeois residences

The chevron installation pattern – more commonly known as herringbone – has ancient origins. There is evidence of its use in ancient Rome, but it was above all at Versailles, the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King, that French herringbone parquet found great favour. Subsequently, as a result of inevitable emulation, it graced the homes of the aristocracy as an undisputed symbol of elegance. This powerful fashion diktat soon crossed the Alps – it is to be found in numerous grand Italian palaces, including Palazzo Madama in Turin and Palazzo Ducale in Venice – but above all it became a must in the Haussmann-era Paris of the 19th century.

Today this particular installation pattern is very much back in vogue, as it adds a unique impression of movement, changing the visual impact of a space not only through the colour and interaction of light created by the zigzag pattern, but also through its scope for creating an endless array of new designs to cater to any style, endowing any space – living room, kitchen or hallway – with an elegance and lightness that creates almost the impression of an original swathe of fabric at one’s feet.

The new Vero and Oltre collections by Marazzi, with large size planks in oak-effect stoneware, now combine the chevron laying pattern, with a soft 60° cut – the so-called French/Hungarian chevron – and a smaller size compared to the rest of the range (11×54 cm) which still looks to classic stylistic traits, but proposes an extremely striking use of inlay.

Also suitable for outdoor use, the Oltre and Vero collections embody the most advanced technologies. Sublime Sync is an innovative production process that combines digital printing with high-definition material structure, recreating the knots and tactile beauty of wood with an unprecedented impression of depth, and setting a new benchmark in terms of fidelity to natural varieties of timber.

Vero’s colours are perfectly attuned to new, modern installation solutions. The Natural, Rovere, Castagno and Quercia shades have been joined by Sabbia, Betulla and Larice. A wood-effect collection extended with paler hues, in line with the latest interior design trends. Vero’s strong inspirational links to the timeless style of wood textures are also confirmed by the two large plank sizes, (22.5×180 and 20×120 cm).

But it is the Oltre collection that achieves the most advanced levels of performance, with patented technologies like the StepWise anti-slip solution and the recent Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and harmful microorganisms from the ceramic surface in any lighting conditions. In addition, the use of Zero Glossy glazes provides super-matt surfaces that are visually striking (in the colours White, Natural, Sand and Caramel), while the numerous plank sizes available (22.5×180, 20×120, 30×120 cm) enable original assembly patterns, transforming floors into design elements that invite customisation.