Steam cleaning: an environment-friendly, natural method

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A quick, effective way to clean porcelain stoneware

A quick, effective way to clean porcelain stoneware.


Although necessary to provide a clean, healthy living environment, cleaning the house is certainly not fun. Luckily, nowadays the market offers us a variety of options to help in cleaning surfaces within the home. Of these, the one that brings the most benefits is definitely steam.

Excellent for cleaning porcelain stoneware and removing dirt from the joints between tiles, steam is an environment-friendly, natural system that does not require the use of detergents, making cleaning a safe procedure with no chemicals involved. In fact, ordinary household detergents contain substances which may cause allergies or discomfort, especially in people with reduced resistance, children and pets. What's more, although steam cleans in depth it dries quickly, ensuring the total sanitisation of interiors and quickly reducing germ and bacteria levels.

How does steam cleaning work?

The appliances on the market transform water into steam (at high temperature and a specific pressure) to generate a natural cleaning and sanitising force, which no chemical detergent can equal. The high temperature neutralises the static charge which forms in dust particles, and at the same time dissolves even the most stubborn dirt. What's more, the action of the steam ensures that surfaces stay clean for longer.

Steam appliances are very easy to use! You just fill the tank (as described in the instructions), and once the temperature and pressure in the boiler are correct, the jet of steam can be slowly passed across the entire surface.