Porcelain stoneware. How do you clean it?

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Simple maintenance tips for cleaning porcelain stoneware floor tiles.

Porcelain stoneware is a very easy material to clean and maintain. In fact, a few little precautions is all it takes to guarantee the long-term protection and beauty of your tiles.  

The day-to-day cleaning of porcelain stoneware is carried out using a floor cloth and a mix of hot water and a neutral detergent readily available on the market. We recommend avoiding waxes and polishes and abrasive tools such as metal scouring pads and hard-bristle brushes.

We also recommend avoiding using abrasive detergents on glossy and/or polished surfaces; these can however be used on matt materials, following testing on a small corner of a tile.

For particular or extremely persistent stains we suggest using specific detergents diluted in water in the ratios indicated by the manufacturer, leaving them to work for the period of time again indicated by the manufacturer.

Below is a short guide to the products to use for each type of stain:
•    Chalky deposits, rust: acidic products;
•    Traces of metal (rubbing against iron, nickel, aluminium objects); acidic products;
•    Beer, wine, coffee stains: alkaline detergents;
•    Animal or vegetable fat: alkaline detergents;
•    Rubber stains, shoe prints: alkaline detergents;
•    Soluble ink, food colourings, shoe polish: alkaline detergents;
•    Oil and lubricants: alkaline detergents.