High-performance, highly sustainable stone effect

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Versatile in use, beautiful and fitting easily into the most diverse styles of decoration, stone-effect porcelain stoneware combines the loveliness of natural stones with excellent performance. The Marazzi collections offer a sustainable alternative that enables an amazing mix & match of colours, decors, textures and sizes. Like a white canvas just waiting to be decorated.

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware conserves the allure of natural stones and evokes the long architectural tradition that has built palaces, homes and even infrastructures from the Roman age to the Renaissance and from the Baroque period to Rationalism. The warm appearance and beautiful, subtle shade variation of slates, travertines, quartzites and other types of sedimentary rocks are perfectly reproduced in the three-dimensional stone textures re-created in the Marazzi collections. A rich assortment of hues, sizes and decors, enabling the most widely varying applications, on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors. Not just in bathrooms, spas or kitchens but also in a vast assortment of intended uses, from residential to contract, for a total look in a multiplicity of styles, from classical to contemporary. This compositional potential combines with environmental awareness, not only because porcelain stoneware reduces the depletion of stone quarries, but also because the high technology of Marazzi’s production processes keeps energy and water use down and recycles up to 40% of waste materials.

Naturalia references the warm colours and rough surfaces of sandstones. Decorative options include mosaics, bas-reliefs and carved surfaces as well as the geometrical decor and two floral motifs, enhanced by the three-dimensional effect of the new Touch technology. A combination of decorative effects that generates variety and unpredictability. So industrial conversions like metropolitan lofts gain rich contrasts of materials: their architecture’s concrete or metal finishes receive warmth from the tactile consistency of this collection, rich in veining and inclusions. Or interiors with Nordic moods, with pure white light and bare wooden furnishings, are emphasised by the fascinating substance of the stone effect. The large size – including 100×100 cm for floors and 33×100 cm for walls – promotes continuity of use between indoors and outdoors and between vertical and horizontal surfaces, to underline the architectural composition of holiday homes or patios, large terraces where the evocation of natural stone blends attractively with the vegetation.

The Carácter collection offers six different finishes for stone-effect coverings with textures from the most uniform to the most variegated, with the inclusion of multicoloured pebbles. There is great potential for creating tone-on-tone effects or focusing on the contrasts in the pebble shades. Carácter also offers the 100×100 cm size and the Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria. With its variety of finishes, the collection is able to dialogue with light and a vast assortment of natural and native materials, creating unexpected effects between indoors and outdoor areas such as terraces, patios or poolside zones, supported by the StepWise antislip technology. Elegant and easy to maintain, Carácter evokes the carefree mood of Riviera villas.

Ideal for enhancing the exquisite character of historic locations and lavishly decorated interiors, the Mystone porcelain stoneware collections offer a wide variety of stone effects, sizes and thicknesses for indoor and outdoor use. These include Mystone Travertino, which re-creates a material found in the architecture of every age. Suitable for use anywhere, from living areas to bedrooms, from staircases to landings and damp locations like spas, bathrooms or outdoor pools, this material features the flaws of the natural stone, accurately reproduced by the Sublime Sync digital printing technology. A porcelain stoneware that takes us back to the Lapis Tiburtinus used to build the Colosseum or the colonnade of St. Peter’s Square.

Finally, concluding the many beauties of the Marazzi porcelain stoneware stone effects, the Uniche collection: four Mediterranean limestones in four sizes, plus the extra-thick 20 mm version and the square and rectangular modules, for creating continuous coverings running seamlessly from indoors to outdoors. The natural, neutral shades of these evocations of the Mediterranean help to create warm, reassuring moods, and style places it is a pleasure to live in. These stone effects combine attractively with native materials, traditional features such as wood and the more high-tech impressions of metals. For uses ranging from urban contexts to seaside or country homes. A beauty that blends technology and building traditions.