Natural with a high-tech soul

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In a blend of minimal elegance and tactile realism, Naturalia references the warm shades and rough surfaces of sandstones. Decorative options include mosaics, bas-reliefs and carved surfaces as well as a geometrical decor and two floral motifs, enhanced by the three-dimensional effect of the new Touch technology

A sensation of warmth and wellbeing. “Natural” as the name suggests. The Naturalia collection is styled around the neutral colours and warm overtones of sandstones, evoked in their uneven veining, included pebbles of various sizes and, above all, distinctively rough surface texture. Tasteful and elegant, Naturalia is ideal for the design of the most widely varying locations, because its colour and its exquisite interpretation of sandstone and the traditional techniques used to work it enable this material to dialogue with a vast array of finishes, from the classical to the contemporary.

The collection therefore has a complex surface with a strongly tactile appeal, achieved by means of the 3D Ink Premium Technology developed by the Marazzi laboratories, which provides a uniquely realistic material effect thanks to the perfect matching between the graphic patterning and structure of the face of the tile. Naturalia also has a green spirit, as it is produced with 40% recycled material which, combined with the environmental awareness of the entire industrial production cycle, helps to obtain LEED® credits for buildings.

A number of different sizes have been designed to highlight the collection’s tactile consistency: 60×60 cm, 60×120 cm and the new 100×100 cm for floors and 33×100 cm for walls. Naturalia is also available for outdoor use, in the 100×100 and 60×120 cm sizes. This emphasises the continuity of style and material between indoor and outdoor areas, an increasingly popular trend in contemporary architecture, which blurs the boundary between the different spaces. And, for more versatile application both outdoors and in damp settings, Naturalia features the StepWise Premium Technology, which gives tiles excellent slip resistance and mechanical strength.

0Minimalist yet elegant, Naturalia is available in 5 colours: Bianco, Beige, Taupe, Grigio and Cenere. It is designed to combine effectively with many Marazzi collections, from wood-effect to stone-effect materials, for mixing and matching with decorated collections with shared colour schemes. The assortment is completed by decor tiles for creating walls and panels of great personality: a reinterpretation of traditional stone-working techniques such as carving and bas-relief gives us mosaic tiles (30.3×30.3 cm – modules which can also be used on floors -), slabs with a vertical bas-relief structure (33×100 cm) and a three-dimensional horizontal ribbed structure (33×100 cm). There are also three decors which emphasise sandstone’s combination of a rough surface and delicate colour. These are the geometrical Micro, in Grigio and Beige colours, and the Classy and Incisione motifs, the former with a dense, even pattern and the latter lusher and less restrained. These decors are enhanced by the just-launched Touch Premium Technology, which comprises two Inkjet printing passes that also apply glossy and matt grits to the surface to create precise, selective relief patterns. The depth and realism of the resulting material effect are truly breath-taking.

Elegance and harmony, and versatility in compositions and combinations: these are the main characteristics of a collection that embodies all Marazzi’s technological research and know-how.