Cleaning matt porcelain stoneware

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Caring for matt porcelain stoneware tiles to keep their material effect and beauty intact: here is our care and maintenance guidance.

Matt porcelain stoneware is very much in fashion, both for indoor floors and outdoor pavings and for covering the walls of bathrooms and kitchens. Stone effect finishes, and some collections’ extra matt effects, are very popular for their tactile beauty and their ability to recreate all the spontaneity of the natural materials on the ceramic surface.

Matt stoneware tiles may vary in texture and grain depending on the material effect they represent: from wood to stone, from concrete to resin and from terracotta to marble.


Here again (as already underlined in one of our previous posts on cleaning) there is one general rule: care and maintenance instructions must be appropriate to the type of covering. Floor tiles, more exposed to dirt and stains, normally need to be washed more often. Wall tiles, on the other hand, need less care: dusting and a damp cloth are usually sufficient for regular maintenance, except for areas around the hob (in the kitchen) or the washbasin or sink (in the bathroom or laundry room).


Matt porcelain stoneware? How to care for it, from installation to daily washing


The importance of post-installation washing

As in previous posts, the crucial nature of post-installation washing has to be highlighted.

All porcelain stoneware tiles require thorough cleaning right from installation: washing on completion of construction works is fundamental, using buffered acid cleaners to remove installation residues and building site dirt, a serious threat because they may make the stoneware difficult to wash subsequently.

Since this is a lengthy, complex process, it is best to have it done by specialised technicians, to ensure that none of the most important phases (such as rinsing, for example) is overlooked.

Once the first professional post-installation cleaning has been completed, porcelain stoneware is a hard-wearing, convenient material that is very easy to clean.


Daily care for matt porcelain stoneware

As mentioned above, matt porcelain stoneware may vary in texture, from quite rough to softer. In the former case, cleaning has to be performed with greater care, to ensure uniform cleaning of the surface’s natural irregularities. In the latter, as the tiles are less rough, they will obviously be easier to clean.

In all cases, to keep matt porcelain stoneware (and stoneware in general) in perfect condition, before washing it is best always to remove dust and any dirt residues which would prevent the success of the operation.

For matt stoneware tiles for outdoor use (which therefore have a very rough anti-slip surface) there are special professional products for more in-depth cleaning. For routine cleaning, on the other hand, a neutral product and a long-handled scrubbing brush with bristles that help to remove dirt residues are sufficient.


Definitely matt, but also easy-clean

One of Marazzi’s latest innovations in this area is the StepWise technology, which gives matt tiles a high degree of slip resistance combined with a surface that is still soft to the touch and easy to clean, since it has no superficial roughness. This technological revolution, that reconciles design values, safety and convenience, is offered on several collections, including Mystone Limestone, Mystone Moon, Mystone Gris du Gent, Crogiolo D_Segni Blend and Terratech.


The right cleaning products for washing matt porcelain stoneware

One important recommendation, that applies in all cases, is always to use neutral detergents specifically created for washing porcelain stoneware. Builders’ merchants or specialist points of sale offer a number of non-commercial cleaning products suitable for every type of material: it is best to obtain the most suitable detergent, in order to avoid damaging the tiles and to clean the porcelain stoneware in a way that maintains its tactile characteristics intact.

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