Cleaning glossy porcelain stoneware

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Caring for glossy porcelain stoneware tiles to keep their initial beauty and shine intact: read our care and maintenance guidance.

Glossy porcelain stoneware, an alternative to the matt or rustic varieties, has its own set of enthusiastic fans and offers a wide choice of stylistic options.

Glossy stoneware tiles can have different surface effects depending on the treatment they undergo, which may be polishing or honing (as in the case of glossy marble effect tiles). This treatment requires some special precautions during cleaning to avoid damaging the original smooth, shiny finish.

One general rule: care and maintenance instructions must be appropriate to the type of covering. Floor tiles, more exposed to dirt and stains, normally need to be washed more often. Wall tiles, on the other hand, need less care: dusting and a damp cloth are usually sufficient for regular maintenance.

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Glossy porcelain stoneware? How to care for it, from installation to daily washing
The importance of post-installation washing

All porcelain stoneware tiles require thorough cleaning right from installation: washing on completion of construction works is fundamental, using buffered acid cleaners to remove installation residues and building site dirt, a serious threat because they may make the stoneware difficult to wash subsequently.

Since this is a lengthy, complex process, it is best to have it done by specialised technicians, to ensure that none of the most important phases (such as rinsing, for example) is overlooked.

Once the first professional post-installation cleaning has been completed, porcelain stoneware is a hard-wearing, convenient material that is very easy to clean.

Daily care for glossy porcelain stoneware

Compared to matt porcelain stoneware, the glossy variety may have some benefits and some drawbacks:

  • one of the plus factors is that since its surface is shiny and non-porous, it is smoother and easier to dry and clean;
  • the drawbacks include its natural tendency to micro-scratching if not treated correctly.

To conserve or restore the shine of glossy porcelain stoneware, before washing it is best always to remove dust and any dirt residues which would prevent the success of the operation.

One important recommendation, that applies in all cases, is always to use neutral detergents for washing porcelain stoneware: for the glossy variant, specifically, do not use polishes and/or products which contain waxy substances, as they leave smears that are hard to remove. Builders’ merchants or specialist points of sale offer a number of non-commercial cleaning products suitable for every type of material: it is best to obtain the most suitable detergent, in order to avoid damaging the tiles and to maintain the glossy porcelain stoneware’s shine.

To keep porcelain stoneware floor tiles glossy it is also fundamental never to use abrasive cloths or sponges, even on stubborn stains. Their use would permanently damage the surfaces’ shine.

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And if minor problems occur?

With passing time, superficial micro-scratches may appear on glossy porcelain stoneware: nothing to worry about, as it happens with many honed or polished surfaces. You can have the tiles repolished to restore their original gloss.

However, if you like smooth surfaces for their easy cleaning but prefer the depth of texture of matt coverings, take a look at the collections with Stepwise technology, such as Mystone Gris du Gent, Crogiolo D_Segni Blend or Terratech.