5 ideas for tiling a modern bathroom: choose your style

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A post with a wealth of photo-galleries for furnishing a trendy modern bathroom

The variety of solutions available today for designing, decorating and furnishing a bathroom can be very confusing: however, the important thing is to start by choosing your themes, to give you a clear overall idea of the result and style you are looking for.

Some approaches and tools for gathering initial inputs? Browsing Pinterest (here is the Marazzi profile) or Instagram (this is our profile) and leafing through interior design magazines or furniture catalogues can give you a general view of the most important trends, after which you can choose the ones best suited to your taste.

Advice from an interior designer, however, is fundamental to ensure that those ideas and inspirations are transformed into a project and a choice of materials, colours and furnishings.

So this post is intended to help in the first phase: gathering inputs and inspirations to appreciate the vibes of a range of interiors, preparatory to deciding how to furnish a contemporary bathroom.


  • 1. Ideas for a colourful modern bathroom

Choosing the bathroom’s colour is one of the first steps in the design process: a moodboard is created to help to define the colour scheme to be used to furnish the bathroom. In the last few years trends have focused strongly on colours, both bright and delicate depending on taste. Solid colours, subtle shades, desaturated or bright hues, textured or with 3D relief patterns, plain tiles or decors: the gallery below contains a very large number of tile ideas for a modern bathroom rich in colour. Colour can become the key feature in the design scheme, recurring on washbasins, shower trays, shower enclosure profiles, countertops, radiators and accessories for a total look effect.

Some colourful tile ideas for the bathroom? Check out Momenti or Chill, for example.

  • 2. Ideas for a modern bathroom in neutral shades

If you prefer interiors with delicate colours and no sharp contrasts, the ideal choice is shades of white, beige, grey or greige. The most popular tiles include those with concrete effect, stone effect or resin effect: perfect for anyone in search of a minimalist bathroom or one in industrial or Nordic contemporary style. The pale grey modern bathroom is one of the favourite choices: to avoid an excessively dull effect, combinations of different material effects, sizes or surface textures can be used to add variety to the neutral coverings. Take care to light the interior correctly, to emphasise its forms and interior design features.

Some ideas for tiles in neutral colours for the bathroom? Check out Mystone_Limestone or Plaster, for example.

  • 3. Ideas for a modern bathroom in wood

For lovers of the wood effect, porcelain stoneware tiles that reproduce its tactile look and its vein patterns are the ideal way of reconciling aesthetics, warmth and convenience. The advantage of ceramics is that they can be installed anywhere, on floors and walls, even in direct contact with water: this enables the creation of fascinating boiserie panel effects running on from the floor, or mix & match pairings of sizes and finishes.

Some ideas for wood-effect stoneware tiles? Check out Vero or Oltre, for example.

  • 4. Ideas for a modern Mediterranean bathroom

The majolica effect porcelain stoneware or Mediterranean ceramic is one of the strongest trends of recent years, together with that linked to the reinterpretation of traditional cement tiles. The modern bathroom is colored with vibrant accents, bright shades or geometric patterns, giving life to lively environments that are inspired by tradition while maintaining a contemporary imprint.

Some Mediterranean style bathroom tile ideas? Find out for example D_Segni o Memoria


  • 5. Ideas for a floral modern bathroom

Have you ever considered tiles for a modern bathroom with floral motifs? Botanical patterns are very much in fashion, both on small sizes and on extra large tiles with a ceramic wallpaper effect. It is possible to create striking walls that highlight the shower area, the freestanding bathtub or the bathroom furniture composition.

Some ideas for tiles with floral motifs? Check out White Deco or Poster, for example.