The contemporary bedroom is clad in ceramics

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Designing a bedroom with stoneware: floors, headboards and other furnishing ideas

A contemporary style bedroom may vary in look depending on the interior design style you intend to create. This post contains our suggestions for designing a room up to date with the latest trends: you will also find some original ideas for covering surfaces other than the floor with ceramics.


A contemporary bedroom floor? In stoneware!

Wood is not the only choice for a bedroom: porcelain stoneware is also an excellent covering for the sleeping area, warm and pleasant to the touch with a variety of surface textures. Wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are one of the most popular coverings, because they reinterpret the vein patterns and characteristics of natural timber varieties, but other material looks are also possible. The stone effect, for example, is perfect for a home in contemporary style designed in neutral shades and with continuity of coverings between the sleeping and living areas: in this case, it will be the furniture that defines the character of the various rooms.

A uniform floor is not the only design solution for a bedroom – quite the opposite, in fact. There is plenty of scope for creativity, thanks to the potential provided by different sizes and decors, which enable the construction of ceramic carpets to highlight the room’s different functional zones. One advantage of porcelain stoneware is that it can be installed on both walls and floor, so the same colour, effect and decor can be used continuously, creating unusual decorative boiserie panels.

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Headboard in porcelain stoneware: wow effect for the contemporary bedroom

One of the hottest trends in contemporary bedroom furniture is that which sees the preference of the sommier over the traditional bed with integrated headboard. Minimal and versatile solution, it allows to give value to the wall behind the bed with scenographic ideas (such as wallpaper or ceramic wallpaper).

Have you ever thought of creating a wall paneling of tiles by transforming it into a bed headboard? Geometric or floral patterns, small and medium sizes, large decorative slabs, any inspiration can be used, and with a few tiles you can create a decorative wall that becomes the protagonist of the bedroom.

Stoneware-finished furniture and wardrobe doors: ceramic total look

Porcelain stoneware is not just a floor and wall covering material: slimline large slabs can be used to finish the surfaces of furniture such as cabinets, occasional tables, shelves and tops. For this purpose, Marazzi has produced The Top, the collection of extra-large slabs specifically for tailor-made projects, intended for kitchen countertops and backsplashes in both residential and commercial kitchens. How can it be used in a contemporary bedroom? For covering the doors of wardrobes, for example, or for nightstands and chests of drawers, shelves or other items of furniture customised with the material effect best suited to the interior design scheme.

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