TurboCare: Urban Mosaic “La lectora”

Torino (TO), Italy

marazzi turbocare spa 000.jpg


Carlo Gloria

Architetti Eugenio Trabucco & Medea Pignotti


Urban furniture
A work of high visual impact created by Carlo Gloria in association with the architect Eugenio Trabucco, which occupies the wall of the TurboCare spa building in Turin over an area fifty metres wide and fifteen high. The image, produced by mixing the various colours of the Marazzi SistemC ceramic collection, shows a person lying reading a book by the light of a lamp supplied by an enormous power socket, with a symbolic link to the business operation on the other side of the wall, in the factory that produces electricity generation turbines. A painstaking design operation starting from an initial sketch and the allocation of a numbered colour scale to every single shade in the product range; a work in which ceramic tiles break free from their more conventional uses and gain a new, playful interpretation.

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