Tseng Feng Tazi Shian

Taipei Taiwan


Ho-Yao Architecture Firm

Ventilated walls and porcelain stoneware: an ideal combination for more and more sustainable architecture.
In the project for a home in Taipei, Taiwan, the maxi-slabs of the wide Grande range assortment were used to clad the outsides of the building’s ventilated walls.

The material effect chosen was Solid Color in the two colours black and white, with an easy-care compact surface texture. The ventilated walls’ outer cladding was realised in Grande Solid Color White in the largest size in the range - 160x320 cm - and 12 mm thickness. The Solid Color Black variant was used as a decorative insert on one of the walls.

The benefits of a ventilated wall are combined with porcelain stoneware’s outstanding technical characteristics, especially its resistance to weather and water, which make it perfect also as a building cladding and an excellent example of energy-saving sustainable architecture.
This project, of great architectural prestige, was handled by Ho-Yao Architecture, who designed the home in Taiwan with the most sophisticated construction technologies. Completed early in 2021, it is a tangible example of how much the area has evolved and of its avant-garde status. 

Design: Ho-Yao Architecture 
Project realised in partnership with Link Kind Trading

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