Parco Ducale Luxury Rooms

Parma (PR), Italy

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An elegant flat, located near the Parco Ducale in Parma, offers a modern-contemporary luxury experience, creating a prestigious space with excellent materials.

The flat located near the Parco Ducale in Parma, in the picturesque Borgo Santo Spirito neighbourhood, is transformed into a luxury experience through the Parco Ducale Luxury Rooms project, designed by architect Gianluca Vetruccio.

The special attention paid to the choice of materials is evident right from the entrance, where the floor made of Treverksoul Neutral porcelain stoneware in the 11x54 cm Chevron size with a chevron pattern lends a modern-contemporary taste to the rooms of this building in the heart of the historic centre. The various natural shades lend the rooms sophistication and elegance, creating a cosy and classy atmosphere.

In the bathrooms, the architect excels with his skilful use of colour. Small-size Crogiolo Lume brick tiles in the China colour in the first bathroom, and in the Green colour for the second, were used to emphasise the bathroom walls, lending depth to the spaces. The evocative shades of this series harmoniously complement other Marazzi collections used, creating an atmosphere that reflects the surrounding nature. The Eclettica series in the Purple colour, positioned above the bathroom fittings, offers an extraordinary contrast, while the Cementum concrete-effect porcelain stoneware in the Ash colour covers the rest of the walls, echoing the natural tones of earth and sand, in perfect harmony with the bathroom’s overall ambiance.

Every detail of this project reflects the quality, beauty and harmony sought by the owners.

Ph. Elisa Marmugi

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