Panificio San Giuseppe

Ragusa (RG), Italy

marazzi panificio san giuseppe 000.jpg
The city of Ragusa is home to Panificio San Giuseppe, a bakery inspired by the traditional baker’s shops of yesteryear. Developed by DGFArchitetti in 2016, the project is based on the specific concept of the space, well-lit and skilfully decorated, as a backdrop to the counter and the products, the true stars of the show. The choice of materials is also geared to making this shop a treasure trove of flavours and sensations from times past. For the floor Marazzi’s Treverkever wood-effect porcelain stoneware was chosen in the Sand hue, which perfectly combines the beauty and warmth of this material with the resistance and excellent properties of porcelain stoneware. The walls were covered with the decorated cement tiles of Marazzi’s Block collection, 15x15 cm in size and inspired by traditional pressed concrete tiles, showcasing the kitchen, the true hive of artisan creativity and flair. The same collection was used to cover some items of furniture and as fun plant pot saucers and plates.

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