NeroBianco GuestHouse

Sorrento (NA), Italy

marazzi nerobianco guesthouse 000.jpg

NeroBianco is the name of a guest house in the historic centre of Sorrento. The project was handled by Studio Sorrentino, which opted for a clearly defined stylistic strategy: two-tone. Black and white contrast, in an interplay of opposites, throughout the interior.

The project’s key covering product is the porcelain stoneware from the Crogiolo collection, Scenario series, used on both floors and walls. The corridor is finished with Scenario Tappeto 1 Nero, size 20x20 cm, installed in a diamond pattern on the floor and in diagonal bands on the wall.

Scenario Tappeto 2A and Scenario Tappeto 2B, on the other hand, were used in the three bedrooms, installed in a fan pattern, half black and half white, and reappear both in the bathrooms and in the bedheads, arranged to form black circles, half black and half white circles, and black and white fans, respectively.