Kobe, Japan

marazzi morozoff 000.jpg

Founded in 1931 by Russian émigré Fedor Dimitrievich Morozoff, whose name it bears, this confectionery firm now has thousands of stores right across South-East Asia. This great success is due to the right blend of the rich flavours of western confectionery and Japanese aesthetics.

The new flagship store designed by Ryohei Kanda/Roito in Kobe is an elegant location where stone-effect porcelain stonewares, including Marazzi Mystone Silverstone, are used to perfection. In fact, in the café area Mystone Silverstone in Nero colour (also available in Beige, Grigio and Antracite in five different sizes) provides a reproduction of Pietra Serena stone with High Performance technology.

Ph. Daisuke Shima

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