Master’s Pub

Mola di Bari (BA), Italy

marazzi masters pub 000.jpg
To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Master’s Pub, a café/ice-cream parlour in Mola di Bari, was renovated by the K1 artStudio & Partners firm. The restyling project is characterized by its prominent use of fir wood in two different versions: a painted, shabby-style version for the wainscoting on the walls and bleached fir for the counter. The 15x90 cm Marazzi Treverkpaint Grey stoneware, which was used for the floor covering, evokes the charm of aged, salvaged and painted wood and perfectly combines with the fir wood and the whale blue colour of the walls. The mix of cement tiles in the Clays and Powder collections fits perfectly in this context, imbuing the café with a minimalist, Scandinavian atmosphere. Photo credit: Berenice Verga

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