Edificio Polifunzionale Santagostino

Paderno Dugnano (MI) Italy


Giacomo Cavadini

Andrea Ludovico Borri

Chiara Patuzzo


The multipurpose centre rises in an industrial area in the northern suburban area of Milan. It is embedded in a very inhomogeneous context devoted to industries and surrounded by residential areas built in the seventies. It singularises as a totem with simple shapes but with a remarkable architectural personality. The challenge, that the designers’ team has had to face, has been to create a building with contemporary shapes having great limits on the shape imposed by the dimensions of the allotment and by the surrounding buildings. Therefore the attention has concentrated on the façade prospectus, misaligning the windows and using a ventilated facade with staggered filling cabinet multiformat ceramic. The ceramic applied to the coverage is a porcelain with high technical and material characteristics, Monolith series, blackcoloured and hammered surfaced. The plurality of formats both vertically and horizontally placed, creates an innovative setting design that enabled to characterise the simply and squared shaped building, giving it an harmonious and peculiar movement. The use of colourful bottlers and the red shelter finish the set giving a absolutely original final set.