Cucù Miscele & Cucina

Sorrento (NA), Italy

marazzi cucu miscele e cucina 000.jpg

Cucù Miscele e Cucina is a restaurant and cocktail bar located in Sorrento’s main square.

Overseen by Studio Sorrentino, the project involves two Marazzi porcelain stoneware collections that form part of Crogiolo, the project dedicated to small, hand-crafted tiles, the perfect blend of artisan expertise and industrial innovation: Lume and D_Segni.

The uniqueness of this project is noticeable as soon as you enter with the choice of different materials and inspirations appearing to divide the restaurant in two.
In fact, half the bar is decorated with the glossy Lume Black brick tile and the other half with Lume Green; this particular installation creates an evocative visual effect that characterises the entire establishment.
The Lume Black brick tile also covers the walls of the open kitchen, creating a pleasant visual continuity with the bar.

Meanwhile, the D_Segni porcelain stoneware collection was chosen to decorate the floor of the restaurant, the corridor and the bathrooms.
More specifically, the restaurant is decorated with the Tappeto 8 floor from the D_Segni Colore collection.
A checkerboard effect is employed in the corridor of the lower floors and in the bathrooms thanks to the alternation of D_Segni Chalk and D_Segni Midnight stoneware.

Various decorations from the D_Segni collection were used to tile the bathrooms: Tappeto Macro 4 Freddo, Tappeto Micro 1 Freddo, Tappeto Micro 3 Freddo.

Finally, the stairs leading to the lower floors are decorated with Sistem S Solid Graphite porcelain stoneware, cut ad hoc for this purpose.

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