Centro di Formazione Pietro e Maria Marazzi

Sassuolo (MO), Italy

The ‘Pietro and Maria Marazzi Training Centre’ is a leading-edge facility dedicated to the Group’s personnel training and updating activities. It occupies 1000 m2 within the Casiglie, Sassuolo location, the plant that incorporates the ceramic coverings industry’s best, most high-tech manufacturing technologies, which the Marazzi Group opened in 2010. The Centre was designed by Uainot Architetti of Bologna, which renovated a former laboratory and office building with the lowest possible impact in terms of construction waste and building sustainability, achieved in part with a Marazzi Engineering raised floor which allowed all the utility systems (electrical wiring, plumbing, telephone and data transmission lines, air-conditioning and security) to be segmented and housed in the floor, and facilitated the installation of state-of-the-art equipment. The Centre has 10 classrooms, including a lecture theatre seating more than 100, an audio-visuals room, a technical room and a corporate values room, all named after products which were milestones in the history of Marazzi and often of the ceramic coverings industry itself, such as ‘Triennale’, the first outstanding result of cooperation between the ceramics industry and a leading architect, designed by Gio Ponti in 1960, “Futura” the first single-fired tile and ‘Enduro’, the first frost-proof ceramic product. The Training Centre is completed by a library and reading area, a hospitality and cafeteria zone and two offices for management of training operations. The interior design pays homage to Marazzi’s history with items recovered from its archives, such as the old refractory plates used for firing tiles, the boards used for tile quality control and the jars used for the glazes, given new life in the colours of the Marazzi Colour Plan.

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