Bellagio Lake Resort

Lezzeno (CO) Italy

The Resort, in an area of fairly small detached homes and apartment buildings, comprises three different lots overlooking the lake. The buildings’ architecture takes full advantage of the unique view of the mountains and the large expanse of water, in one of Lake Como’s most exclusive areas. In this context, Marazzi ceramic tiles were chosen to express the interiors’ full potential, creating attractive, modern design schemes using the Treverkhome and Treverksign wood-effect tiles in the indoor area and the marble-inspired Suite collection in size 18x36 for elegant, inviting bathrooms. In the swimmingpool area the Multiquartz surface creates a delightful natural effect while still providing the necessary anti-slip properties. The use of DUE with SistemN Grigio Scuro finish for part of the terrace of lot 2 is a particularly interesting touch.

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