DG Apartment

Milan (MI), Italy

marazzi appartamento dg 000.jpg


Edoardo Bernini

Edoardo Barnini



Simple forms and immaculate design for a contemporary, minimal effect: these are the distinctive features of the interior design project created by architect Edoardo Barnini for the elegant DG apartment on via Goldoni in Milan. The seamless, continuous spaces were emphasised by the choice of a single covering material for the entire floor of the apartment: Mystone Ceppo Di Gré in Grey colour, in the large 75x150 cm size, also used for the shower trays and for the wall coverings of the bathrooms and laundry. “I chose Ceppo di Gré not only for its splendid material effect but also as a tribute to the ornamental tradition of the architecture of Lombardy, so that the interior would reference the project's geographical location,” Edoardo Barnini explains.

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