In which warehouses is MTM active on?

The method for booking loading Appointments using the MTM portal is active for all Italian and Spanish plants, during the current loading hours.

Creating a loading Appointment using the MTM portal gives immediate access to the warehouse, avoiding queues and the waiting times they imply. Drivers are only required to go to the Check-In Office to confirm their arrival by showing their Travel Sheet (paper or smartphone) to the operator or scanning the bar-code on the Travel Sheet at the automatic access point. If the driver has arrived on time for the Appointment, the vehicle’s registration will appear on the outdoor display and priority access will be confirmed.

A tolerance of +15 min and -15 min is allowed on the Appointment time set. Outside this range the punctuality of the next Appointments could be not guaranteed, so loading priority access could not be granted. However, the Appointment time can always be changed on the MTM portal until the very last minute considering delays or anticipated arrivals of the driver.

The Marazzi Transportation Management (MTM) loading booking method replaces all procedures used previously. In all Marazzi warehouses, loading Appointments can only be made using MTM.

The existing loading lists managed by Customer Service will still be sent even after MTM is enabled, as additional confirmation of the information provided on the portal. Both tools will specify the Shipping orders (DDS) to be loaded at the various plants complete with all relevant data. The MTM portal will also keep a log of all the Shipping orders collected with scheduled Appointments, to simplify any checks.

If a single Shipment involves the collection of goods from more than one warehouse, an Appointment must be scheduled at each of them. When the Appointment is created, the system automatically calculates its duration based on the number of pallets handled, but it does not consider the time needed to move towards the other warehouses. Therefore, when setting the times of the various Appointments it must be remembered that the truck will take some time to travel between the plants.

Yes, MTM allows carriers to delegate and/or be delegated for the loading of other transporters’ Shipping orders (DDS), without further authorisation. Using specific simple steps, the original carrier can have one or more of his Shipping orders displayed on the MTM portal of another carrier, who can then select and include them in his own Shipment / Appointments. The original transporter must always authorise for a second carrier to view his Shipping Lists. The only requirement is that both transporters must be registered with MTM. We therefore invite you to instruct all your colleagues who usually collect goods from the Marazzi warehouses to access the site and register to MTM using the specific Form.

To allow the warehouse to ensure that the goods are prepared correctly, the carrier must select the Shipping orders for collection and then Create the Shipment at least one day before loading. Instead, there are no particular time limits for Appointment Creation. We suggest you create them as soon as possible to be sure to find availability on the preferred times. The same time limits should be considered with for the changes in the composition of the load and for the changes of Appointment times: Shipping orders may be added to or removed from the Shipment created only one day before loading, while changes in the Appointment time are possible until the last minute.

Once you have created an Appointment using the MTM portal, any urgent request can always be managed: by following the specific procedure to add Shipping orders (DDS) to an already created Shipment, or by simply giving to the driver the Shipping orders numbers of the additional Shipping orders so that he can ask the Check-In staff to add them manually. It will always be possible to have additional Shipping orders added to the load manually at Check-In.