When material sets creativity free

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Geometrical motifs and floral decors for designing colourful, highly individual interiors. The Marazzi collections offer a wide assortment: different sizes and thicknesses, matt or shiny finishes, and textured and three-dimensional surfaces, for varied, vibrant walls.

Ceramics become a wall-covering for expressing creativity and designing colourful interiors. Marazzi offers a wide range of floral decors, geometrical motifs and three-dimensional surfaces, for use in a mix&match of collections, enabling a high degree of design personalisation with outstanding performances: surfaces are stain-resistant, mould-proof and highly resistant to physical and mechanical agents and the weather.

In homes or HoReCa projects, indoors or outdoors, ceramics are applied on large expanses of wall or in featured areas of wall coverings, bringing nature into spaces and extending their boundaries. Thus scenic backdrops can be created even in shower rooms, to interact effectively with furnishings and the light. In both natural and geometrical motifs, colours are solid and decors are beautifully executed thanks to the high quality of the digital printing technology.

Bursts of nature on walls

Floral motifs feature in various Marazzi collections, each offering different sizes and thicknesses, and matt or shiny finishes, which expand interiors’ compositional potentials.

They include the just-launched Poster collection, where decoration is the dominant characteristic with original floral (Florida and Exotic) and botanical (Hawaii) motifs, and the White Deco collection, in a large size (60×180 cm) and slimline thickness. Its absolute white backgrounds are adorned with subtle tone-on-tone wildflower motifs (Heyday), more sharply contrasting floral decorations (Botanica) or lush tropical foliage (Jungle). On the other hand Momenti, a white body collection in 6 mm thickness and 40×120 cm size, combines a range of vibrant shades with the latest floral trends: botanical motifs which become more eye-catching because they are oversized, or appear in monochrome on dark blue or ochre backgrounds.

The Cementum collection juxtaposes its eight shades with a series of patterns, one of them floral (Spring), enabling these decors to be used alongside the “dustier”, more intense colours of the concrete effect. The extra-large, slimline thickness slabs of the Alchimia collection alternate three-dimensional and sandy tactile effects with the highly coloured flowers of the Gipsy motif. Finally, Chill, a collection of tactile, semi-matt shades in the 25×76 cm size, offers a watercolour-look floral decor (Melody) and a “Foliage” decor with slightly iridescent highlights.

Colourful, three-dimensional geometrical forms

Marazzi has a wide selection of geometric decors: a creative mix ideal for designing striking backdrops, or adding variety to walls with three-dimensional effects, giving emphasis to specific areas of the project. They will make every interior unique and individual. The new Poster porcelain stoneware collection, with its Zone geometric pattern dense with colour (size 60×120 and 30×120 cm) is perfect for giving character to both residential and commercial locations, and is suitable for use on both floors and walls.

The Momenti collection of white body ceramics (40×120 cm size and 6 mm thickness) offers not only 3D structures in alternating stripes but also a decor, called Puzzle, which evokes the motifs and shades of the Seventies. Sophisticated and timeless, the “four curve tile” (Triennale), designed by Gio Ponti for the Milan Triennale in 1960, consists of a simple geometrical form which generates interlocking patterns and sequences of solids and gaps, or glossy and matt surfaces, in contrasting or tone-on-tone shades. Similarly, the mosaics of Alchimia create vibrant wall coverings by varying the position of the chips or the shade of the grouts.

Two collections are constructed around Seventies geometric motifs and mosaics in brighter shades and with colour highlights that generate rhythm and discontinuities: Colorplay (size 30×90 cm) features an assortment of intense shades, while Eclettica (size 40×120 cm) also includes a large range of 3D structures. Three-dimensional effects also feature in Allmarble Wall (size 40×120 cm and thickness 6 mm), a collection with mosaics that combine the traditional overtones of marble with stylistic innovation in the form of small metal effect geometrical incursions: a dialogue that delights and surprises with its freshness.