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The Top Marble Look range keeps expanding

Bianco Arni with Book Match, Verde Cipollino, Verde Borgogna and Quarzo Bluegrey. The new The Top catalogue extends the 22 glossy and satin Marble Look options with inspirations from the Statuario quarries and exciting colours.

The Marazzi Grande collection, from which The Top derives, offers an exceptionally wide range, with the aesthetic moods that define many Marazzi collections, from Concrete (4 matt colours) to Metal Look (4 matt colours) and from Wood (one satin colour) to Stone Look (10 matt colours) through to the Solid Colors (2 Lux and satin shades).

There are two sizes: 160×320 cm, available in 6 mm thickness, and 162×324 cm, with thicknesses of 12 and 20 mm.

This large-size collection is continually evolving to meet the constantly new demands of interior design for the styling and construction of countertops, backsplashes, tables, kitchen unit fronts and, last but not least, bespoke furnishing options for residential locations, bars, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, offices and an ever-expanding world of furnishing solutions.

The porcelain stoneware of the many The Top collections confirms its installation versatility, thanks also to its outstanding technical performances.
It is resistant to impacts, scratches, frost, stains, acids and moulds. Ceramics are flame retardant and easy to clean. They do not absorb liquids or release harmful substances, they do not change colour or warp, and they are also easy to transform into the multitude of solutions and combinations that the design market is continually demanding with its unstoppable flow of new concepts and trends.

The Top ceramics are produced with selected raw materials and have Declare certification. Marazzi Group’s self-declared products are classified as “Red List Free”, i.e. they do not contain any ingredients on the Living Building Challenge “Red List”: no chemicals which pollute the environment, no chemicals which bioaccumulate in the food chain to toxic concentrations, and no chemicals harmful to production and construction workers.

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